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EnergyScan is a tool created by Engie Analyst group providing holistic suite of analytical data on energy and commodity markets. MCG Energy Solutions MCG provides a comprehensive suite of wholesale power management products that have quickly become the fastest growing and highest quality products in the EGAR Technology provides a comprehensive suite of trading and risk management solutions combining the expertise of its technologists with the experience of its Planlogic is a leading systems consultancy, specialising in Trading, Risk Management and Supply solutions for major clients in the Energy and Commodities markets. MSCI MSCI is a leading provider of critical decision support tools and services for the global investment community With over 50 years of expertise in Open Founded on our rich experience managing utility-scale energy portfolios and developing machine-learning commercial tools, Bitwatt Systems develops software that enables the owners of Adapt2 Solutions Adapt2 Solutions provides energy market solutions built on a single platform enabled by Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for forward-thinking energy Our expert team has years of experience in quantitative modelling Paragon Energy Software — An MCG Company Since , Paragon has been providing comprehensive credit solutions to the energy industry and developing its strong reputation for delivering all encompassing, comprehensive, Kiodynos is an innovative financial consultancy that combines the latest knowledge of quantitative finance research with practical experience in application development for financial A young Italian company specialized in the creation of quantitative tools to support decisions on the electricity and gas markets.

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Press Release Jan 16, Our goal is to help you manage your energy estate, with a set of clever, integrated applications, which all talk to one another. Intalus GmbH Intalus is a specialist in the development of financial software. All content on FT. MCG provides a comprehensive suite of wholesale power management products that have quickly become the fastest growing and highest quality products in the

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Indra is one of the main global consulting and technology companies and the technology partner for core business operations of its clients businesses Enverus delivers business-critical insights to oil and gas industries through a state-of-the-art SaaS platform built on industry-leading data and energy analytics. Energy Exemplar Energy Exemplar supplies energy solutions across the electric, gas and renewable markets and supports infrastructure projects worldwide. Hartigen is a Houston-based technology solutions and services company that has set a new bar for the development, integration, and delivery of performance-centric Unicorn Systems is a renowned European company providing the largest information systems and solutions in the area of information and communication technologies. Our solutions optimise energy production, trading, distribution and consumption, as well as infrastructure and construction projects. Today it is an integrated group of companies, all For product descriptions and an opportunity to test our portal, please check our website. Building on our pioneering development of cross-asset trading Stay up-to-date with outages throughout Europe, and receive live data through our API service. WellPoint Systems is the industry leading supplier of solutions for managing accounting, land, production, marketing and venture management challenges for Oil and Gas It's CTRM, without contracts, without lengthy installations of legacy software. Our systems allow

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  • Software that gives you complete control vwloue your construction projects, ensuring efficiency with low risk.
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  • As a market leader in enterprise application software, we help
  • A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject, vwloue.

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It unleashes insights The team of actesy quickly realized that the digitization and complexity of business processes in business world are increasing. This has an

FIS offers a number of products for energy companies, vwloue, however three of them are specially designed for energy and support vwloue and commodity

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